The Activities Building in Riverview Park


Five years ago, Libby and I got hitched in the Activities Building in Riverview Park. We rented it through the City of Pittsburgh Facilities Rental website.

Libby and I exchange a kiss as the sun sets behind us

There wasn't a lot of information out there about the Activities Building, so I wanted to share the dimensions and some photos for anyone considering using this space.

We had looked at other pavilions in city parks; we chose this one because it had:

We were able to get inside the building ahead of the wedding by contacting the Department of Public Works at 412-255-2370. We took careful measurements of all the major features of the room and marked down the locations of doors and outlets, which I am now gifting to you. This was super helpful for planning the decorations. Click the image below if you need the full-size version, and let me know if you can't read my chickenscratch.

A drawing of the layout and measurements of the Activities Building, including
the location of electrical outlets

The exterior of the space is mostly cinderblock with large rolling doors. Inside, the floor is sealed cement and the walls are white and pink. The doors and roller doors are all brown. There are 33 extra long picnic tables spread throughout the space, with 6 smaller tables floating around, all 27 1/2" wide. They're all the same pink as the walls.

The pink picnic tables in the building.

Lighting comes from fluorescent tubes tucked in the ceiling. You're going to want to accent that with string lights or similar. The walls were punctuated by 11 foot long garage doors that we opened up for natural light. It's definitely a bit brutalist inside. Lucky for us, my mom is an incredible set designer and director1 and my father-in-law is a carpenter; she transformed it into a magical summer pavilion and he built beautiful rustic centerpieces that really drew the whole room together2.

The rustic centerpiece, made with an unfinished wood and filled with beautiful flowers

Here are some photos showing a little bit more of the space and our decorations:

The Activities building decorated with paper laterns, string lights, and a

Some guests sitting at the picnic tables with the brown rolling doors in the background.

The rental fee was ~$350 per day plus an alcohol permit. We reserved it for the day before the wedding to allow us to load in the night before. The rental ended at 8:00 PM; the Parks employee who kicked us out was very gracious when we were a few minutes late getting things buttoned up.

In addition to the building, the rental included the generous lawn next door. We used that for the ceremony and set up some lawn games during cocktail hour.

The lawn space next to the Activities Building with some lawn games and chairs set up

Doing all the decorating was hard work - looking back, we wish we'd hired out that part instead of relying on our friends and family. Overall though we had a wonderful experience with the rental and the venue! If you want more photos or have a specific question, shoot me an email!

  1. Both very valuable skills for this kind of thing! ↩︎

  2. Two of the many pieces of hard work our family pitched in to help us realize the day. ↩︎